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Welcome to Ugly American Recordings!

Our team is well-versed in today’s musical environment – one that requires an in-depth understanding of the dynamic nature of innovative beats, good vocals and Originality. We, through the flawless skills of our artists and producers, expertise in producing and promoting good music.

The industry has changed. Some see it as a rebellion; we see it as a Revolution. Winter in Washington DC, United States- the rebirth date and location of a unique independent production house that will pay homage to the best of times in music history while keeping its focus wired tightly to the future. The U.A.R brand is the brainchild of music industry veteran Chuck Slay, who has a refreshing and respectful love of great music. The result is a progressive, twenty-first century music entertainment company that utilizes cutting-edge Internet strategies, while establishing uncompromising principles. Ugly American Recordings Produces broad and diverse works, but with a focus as strong and unflinching as the U.A. Recordings artists themselves. 

One of the Black community’s greatest gifts to the world is an astounding list of genres and artists who have changed the way we all listen to music. Without genres like the blues, jazz, rock ‘n’ roll, rhythm and blues, Afrobeat, calypso, reggae, roots music, rap and hip-hop, The western world might still be doing the waltz. But there has been a significant drop in the popularity and influence of R&B over the last several decades. Where R&B artists used to be chart-toppers, now they are virtually invisible on the charts as their record sales have plunged. They no longer even have much of a presence on Black radio. So what happened to this previously dominant musical genre? 


Ugly American Recordings was established in 2017 with the intent of "Making Quality Music" by signing musicians and artists to record on projects of substance, not being afraid of including real instrumentation and vocal talent. 

There was a time when R&B singers were elevated and celebrated because of their talent and not their looks. It would be disrespectful to name fabulous singers of the past as examples. The quality of the music, of the voices, was paramount back then. But those days are long gone. Today, there are too many R&B artists who are eye candy with not much talent or average talent, and the truly talented artists are not signed or promoted because of their age or the way they look. The record-buying public notices such superficiality — and stops feeling compelled to buy the music.

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