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SINGLE RELEASED August 2, 2016


Soul Joint featuring Ethan "Chef" Pheonix to release single "You're Beautiful"


Welcome to Soul Joint

We will feature vocalists who we feel are exceptional and would otherwise not have their talents recognized by other labels. Each artist has a true gift that we would like to introduce to the world.

ETHAN “CHEF” PHEONIX has enough energy to power a small fleet of motor vehicles. It’s a fuel that burns full-throttle, ignited by the heat of his soulful voice and the power and passion of his drumming. Since hitting the music scene almost ten years ago, Ethan Pheonix has continually expanded his horizons performing internationally.



Black on Black Myndz is now in the studio working on their debut EP  "Ghosts N Da Masheen"


Authentic hip / hop infused with some R&B / Soul. Experience the Black experience in America through the lyric driven music of B.O.B.M. 

Reminiscent of hip/hop's greatest artists and era, with infectious hooks and ear catching melodies. Stay tuned for more on this project.



George Manor band single "No Direction" radio release debut


Denver Colorado, by way of Detroit Michigan USA - George Manor are living proof that raw talent, ambition and persistence can still prevail in an ailing music industry. What else would explain a two decade career that has found over 100 shows that directly financed their sophomore album? The band name hails from a former place of employment for two of the band members, where the music and songwriting were both inspired by their experiences. "It was scummy, extra trippy and kind of dangerous, but we wrote some great music there"


By aligning their unwavering dedication to the do-it-yourself work ethic with a signature sound, producer/keyboardist Chuck Slay, guitarist LaDell Erby, bassist Randy Martin, drummer Toshi Yakamoto, and guest vocalist Charlie Harris have helped to define the landscape of the future indie-rock music scene. The backbone of their work? Stylistically melodic songs—suggesting a range of influences from classic rock to modern.



Jason Malachi  new releases will be reminiscent of old school Michael Jackson


Since the release of his debut pop album 

"Tell It Like It Is" in 2003, Malachi has had a promising career; Notwithstanding a No. 1 radio single (A Hero Fell) for 4 consecutive weeks on the pop charts, headlining the Rock&Roll Hall of Fame, collaborating with renowned R&B recording group Dru Hill, Gracing the stage of the UCMVA Awards with the likes of Tony MelendezL’AngelusJohn Michael Talbot and Matt Maher; Along with many more accolades.

Malachi released his last pop album produced by Damon Sharpe, titled Critical in 2010 which earned international acclamation, as well as phenomenal attention and publicity with worldwide radio and television airplay in all formats, including over 1 million digital spins.

In 2010, he was accused by many fans of Michael Jackson's that he had sang 3 songs on Michael.

In 2014, he released Come Home, an inspirational Pop/Christian Gospel album, that captures Jason's deep spiritual background.

In 2018 Jason connected with Producer Chuck Slay and collaborated on an R&B track called "Got this Feeling" which has a classic "MJ" signature style. Their chemistry was phenomenal and they  are currently completing on a 10 song project. 

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